Google Rank Brain is Coming

March 19, 2016
Mike Dolpies

Think about this…

Using the internet to find information is really not that old.

Compared to how long people of the world have sought out information… Searching Online and Google are infants.

That’s why the changes happen fast and furious.

In the early days… “Gaming the System” was what most website owners and even some small business owners tried to do.

That doesn’t work anymore.

In the last five years there have been a few Google changes that were extremely significant…

Mainly… Penguin and Panda…

Panda’s mission was to kill low-quality content.

Penguin’s mission was to look for “un-natural back-links.” This was the classic… “Try to game Google” strategy because of how Google’s algorithm was developed.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin looked at college professors who were the most popular.

These professors often had their work sited by other professors in other texts. Sort of like if a website was sited by another it would be “linked back to.” This was the main ranking factor Google used early on.

Thus… the birth of BS linking.

Now… linking is still important, but only if it’s done correctly.

Enter… Rank Brain

The newest change taking place.

A change that will begin to rank websites based on “Click-Through Relevancy” and “Bounce-Rates.”

This is nothing new.

For the longest time… if you’ve been an Adwords Advertiser… You know your overall quality score which determines how your ads show up and how much you pay –  have a lot to do with Click-Through-Rate and Bounce-Rate.

Bounce-Rate is when a visitor clicks on your site… doesn’t get the information they need or doesn’t like what they see… so they quickly hit the back button and “bounce” off.

Anyway… Rank Brain is coming.

Google and search are not going anywhere… just changing.

Your online presence must change to stay relevant.

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