The Police and Busting YP

May 11, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Every couple of months we shift into our reporting period.

That’s when… for…

Advanced Hosting Clients and SEO Clients we report on everything that has been going on with their website and overall web presence.


Sources of Traffic

Unique Visitors

Total Visitors

And the one I like the best…

“Referring Websites.”

This data point tracks how a user gets to your site.

For many of our SEO clients we see most traffic come from Google.

Then… depending on other marketing initiatives the client might have going on we can see how those are working to bring in traffic…. Or NOT Bring in Traffic!

In this “real stories of the highway patrol” example… the client has a marketing campaign (if that’s really what we can call it… LOL) with the Yellow Pages…  and…

Well… for whatever hundreds of $ per month… we see (in the screen shots below) they ended up with only five visitors from YP.


Yelp… where they just have a free listing… and… “Duck-Duck-Go” (a search engine that almost no-one knows – LOL ) sends them more traffic.

So darn… redonkulous! What a waste!

NOW… to be clear… these guys had this contract in place before we redid their site and started working on SEO and tracking for them. But now they know. And… YP… Busted!

Needless to say… I think our client will be able to save a few bucks each month by cutting YP when the contract is over.

online marketing

online marketing

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