Pokemon Google and Your Business

July 20, 2016
Mike Dolpies

Over the last 18 months or so I have talked about the next “version” of the web.

And while it is still too early and out of reach for us common folks… (small biz owners)… the next version of the web is coming.

Virtual (Immersion) Reality AND Augmented Reality.

And… you may have heard about this goofy… “Pokemon Go” thing? (HA)

Yea… crazy how there are 30 million people walking around like zombies chasing digital monsters in Augmented Reality.

But… there it is.

And eventually… you will have (or maybe you won’t) an Augmented Reality web presence.

Did you know Google is part owner in the tech/gaming company that is responsible for this game?

That’s where all the mapping data has come from… Google.

Anyway… that’s’ what’s ahead. It’s coming.

Next newsletter I’m gonna tell you about another project Google has going on that’s gonna effect you.

And guess what…

Just because all these new things are coming does not mean… the “old stuff” doesn’t work.

I was asked to do a complete training on email marketing.

Taking all of my little gems from the past 10 years of using email marketing successfully.

I’m doing the live training on August 9th.  A total of six will be let in live (my conference is just not that large.)

BUT… I am recording it. And we have already had folks as far away as the UK (Brexit – Huh?) register.

I’m also giving away a copy my new book with the training too.

Details to grab a spot (be one of six in person or get the recording) are right here…

Email Marketing Training


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