Near Me Search up 34 Percent and Zombies

April 16, 2015
Mike Dolpies

“Near Me” Search up 34% Since 2011 (and Killing Off Zombies) zombie on the beach

Recent data from Google showed that searches with the terms… “Near Me” added to the query have risen 34% since 2011.


“Plumber Near Me.”

“Gym Near Me.”

“Places to eat near me.” (this one is most common on the weekend).

The whole “near me” thing is totally attributed to smartphone searches.

More than half of these local searches result in contact with the business within one day.

Our own data, for the numerous clients we track, shows smartphone web traffic accounts for 15% to 40% of their overall web traffic.

This varies by industry and service.

It’ all a perfect storm for Google’s pending change where websites not built on responsive design will be penalized. That change begins on 4/21.

In short… Old & Outdated Sites are under the gun.

A web presence that has become a “walking dead” zombie is less relevant.

More ideas and to see about getting things up to date is right here…

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