Miss Cleo Edition – The Future of The Internet

April 26, 2015
Mike Dolpies

(Miss Cleo Edition) The future of the internet & FB News future of the internet

Before we get to the future of the internet some quick news…

Facebook announced another change to their algorithm. This change further “demotes” content put out by business pages.

The value of a Facebook “Like” has gone down dramatically in the past two years.

But there is a solution if you know what you’re doing.

This is yet another reminder that social media marketing must be fluid. What you can count on is constant change.

It’s safe to assume that most content will not get through to your “likes.”

I must say – the Facebook Messenger for Business product looks promising.


What’s kicking butt on Facebook right now? … Video! In fact – I don’t even worry or care much about my Youtube views. That’s because when it comes to videos Facebook is where I get the most traction.

Of course if you wanta make some headway on Facebook… Ads – Ads! Yes – you can buy your way to Facebook success. Because – that’s what you need to do. Just be sure to have a strategy.

OK… Next…  The Future of The Internet:

We have gone from…

Computer/Desktop internet to the “mobile internet.”

When it comes to mobile…

Apps will rise to prominence and importance more and more for business – but they will not replace the internet as we know it.

Mobile Apps for your business will simply be another channel.

But then – a new method for “experiencing” apps and the internet will emerge…

Virtual Reality…

Virtual Reality will be two-fold… Augmented and Immersion.

Augmented will include the combination of our real and virtual worlds.

Immersion…that’s like full-blown with headsets, etc.

You’ll see. Trust me.

We’ll revisit this over time as I prove myself – right – once again.

Thank you for allowing me to share my crystal ball.

Miss Cleo would be proud.

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