Millennials and Reply All

June 21, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Millennials… “Can’t live with ‘em, and it makes no sense to send them back to school to run up more debt.”Cyberspace to your place

Not sure if that makes any sense as I just thought of that quote.

I am oh… so almost close to being a “Millennial.”

Technically I am in between… because… charts say the birth year of 1979 is both Gen X and Gen Y.

Who knows… who cares really?

It’s amazing how individuals get lumped in and labeled.

Interesting millennial study I find fascinating.

In surveys about work environments… millennials interviewed seemed to have contradicted themselves…

On one hand…

They want an office/work environment that is fun, relaxed, etc. Think billiard tables and plush sofas.

BUT… they also want to work from home because they value their freedom. Hmm?? I don’t get that one. Which one is? Cool office or work from home?

If you’re like me and have to hire folks to help run your business – I am sure you have plenty of wisdom to share too.

One quick story…

A couple of years ago we had a twenty-two year old intern working for us. She was cool. Worked hard, etc.

I sent an email out to the entire team. I told her to take a look and then be sure to “reply to all” because I wanted to see her thoughts.

She looked at me with a confused gaze. “How do you reply to all? What does that mean?”

Big AHA moment for me! Wow… a person who grew up with email does not know how to reply to all?


And here’s the lesson.

I often hear from business owners how they want to “talk to (whoever younger person) about this web and mobile thing.”

“Why?” “Because they’re younger and they understand it better.”

Interesting… take – but I caution everyone to be careful.

You might just be talking to the twenty-two year old who does not know how to reply to all in an email.

Don’t generalize. You’re the boss, you’re the business owner. Never assume anything.

For every twenty-two year old tech wiz-kid future billionaire there are 10,000 who don’t understand this stuff even though they “use it.” They don’t understand marketing either.

For every super tech wiz start-up geek who made it big there are millions living at home in Mom’s basement.

Give yourself more credit.

Anyway… I guess that is both information and a simple “rant.” But it’s OK, I wrote this article on Father’s day. It’s my day and I can do what I want.

I hope you have a great week! Happy Father’s day to the dads in your life!

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