Marketing With Contests

June 11, 2016
Mike Dolpies

Contests and sweepstakes have been around forever and ever.

Even before the days of Ed McMahon knocking on your door.

What has been fun to watch over the past five years is how small businesses of all sorts have been able to use contests to win the attention of prospects using social and mobile contests.

I’m gonna borrow a couple examples from colleagues…

I remember a furniture store going from 1000 to 20,000 Facebook likes in just a few days by giving away a LazyBoy. Old school… but the contestants just “liked” and “shared” to enter. The store also reached a ton of new prospects and increased sales.

A limo company giving away a night out to the happy couple that shared a photo of themselves in a post and had friends vote them to win the night out. This also generated more interest is “night out” services.

My buddy Kyle Battis of NH Strategic Marketing recently completed some Facebook contests for a paving company… “Take a picture of your ugly driveway that needs paving to enter.” The names, phone numbers and email addresses were collected too. As you can imagine, these are strong leads.

I encourage our mobile app clients to launch photo-sharing initiatives right away… using the App’s photo-share function.

Fitness contests… borrowed from “Biggest Loser.”

Next marketing meeting you have. Even if it is just you looking in the mirror. Consider a contest.

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