Getting Rid of Your Phone Number for Facebook Messenger

July 27, 2016
Mike Dolpies

My daughter, Julia.

At times… I want to pull my hair out for how she defaults to sending text messages.

“Dad, can I go to Maddi’s party at Skyzone I know I have Softball practice but they said they would drive me home in time”

Notice she does not use question marks… Something else I am working with her on!

She’s a super-smart and awesome kid. Not just saying that because she’s mine!

But it’s crazy how we have all migrated away from “voice” as our primary communication.

If I need a little help on a personal level… I text or message first.  Usually, we can get things handled like that. “Would you mind getting Rissa? -I am running late. I will pick her up from your house.”

And when it comes to business.

It is really NOT just young consumers under 35. (Definitely Mostly Those Though).

But lots of consumers prefer to initiate a conversations with all types of businesses using anything but a phone call.

That’s why your website needs to have a solid call to action.

I share with clients the “Call to Action” or CTA can simply be the first step you want folks to take.

Or, it can be some sort of offer to engage with you.

In many ways the CTA lets the web visitor scratch the itch or making contact and it puts the ball in your court.

When my wife and I were looking for a new cleaning service I inquired on the websites I liked with a “Request for a Cleaning Quote.” On one site there was no CTA so I sent an email.

I did everything BUT pick up the phone.

Then… there’s this whole Facebook Messenger thing.

Facebook seems to be resisting the obvious.

That is to let FB Messenger be integrated with websites.

I think they’ll eventually come around.

The thing is…  We may not be getting rid of our phone numbers any time soon, but…

You need to understand these shifts and trends and work them to your favor.


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