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Service Cancellation Policy

All monthly service agreements are cancel-able with 30 days notice.
This means one more billing cycle will transpire within the 30 day period.

Your service will end 30 days from when final payment is processed based on the 30 day policy.

30 days gives everyone enough time to take various steps required to cancel service.

For Web Hosting Cancellations: 30 Days Notice Applies. An additional $196 fee is assessed for file check/file transfer of all website files. 

Domain Ownership: If you choose not to purchase your domain, we can purchase your domain for you. You understand if we purchase your domain that we own your domain. We are providing a service to you by owning your domain. We sometimes also purchase domains for clients if the client allows their domain to expire. We do this to protect the domain from ending up on third party domain marketplaces. In some case we purchase a similar domain for a client if the client has lost their domain. In the event of service cancellation we will gladly transfer the domain to a registry account that you or your company own. The fee for domain release and transfer is a one-time payment of $169.