IT Guys Meeting Mr. Mayhem and Lead-Gen Scams

February 04, 2016
Mike Dolpies


We’re covering two things here.


I guess it makes sense, but it is still amusing that these scams exists.

I’m talking about Lead-Gen Scams.

The best example…

Someone is locked out of their car or house.

It’s late at night.

They whip out their phone. They search… “24 Hour Locksmith.”

And instead of getting the results of “local owner/operator” businesses they get a “shell business.”

A fake listing that “appears to be from a local biz.”

But, it’s not. It’s run by some Russians.

Long-story short. The Russians do “SEO”  – they do “Google Ads” and they do their best to stay one step ahead of Google. These guys scoop up the lead and then fire it off to a few random locksmith recruits. The recruits are not savvy/ethical business guys so they go along with the scam because they “need the work.” They are instructed to extract as much dinero as possible from the consumer.

More to it – but that’s the basis of lead-gen scams.

Lead-Gen Scams come in many varieties.

Actually… it exists everywhere a small business, because of “lack of knowledge,” allows a “middle-party” to “send them work.”

Groupon was the largest. (Yes – I know… Groupon did work for many, not so much anymore though)

Grubhub in the restaurant world… “Come to our app/website and we’ll hook you up with restaurants not savvy enough to have their own mobile app/online ordering.”

Service Magic/Home Advisor. “We’ll send you leads of home-owners who have projects.”

Now… I am not saying the above business models are “bad.”

I’m just saying – with a little help you can do your own… ethical lead generation.

Anything you get from a 3rd party can be “icing on the cake.”

That’s all on that one… Get some solid SEO Strategies, But First… See Where You Stand…

Last thing this week…

“IT Guys.”

Sons of Anarchy Fans… I vote the “IT Guys” meet Mr. Mayhem.

Calm down… not like that.

But here’s where biz owners go wrong…

They assume “IT People” who fix computers understand…

Internet Marketing

Search Marketing

Facebook Ads


Website Usability to Boost Conversion.

They Don’t.

If you rely on “IT Guys” for online marketing advice… you’re gonna end up miss-informed at best.

Interesting Stats to Get You Thinking…

  1. a) Over 75% of web users openly admit they decide whether to transact or not with a company based on how its online presence looks.
  2. b) 90% of customers go to a company’s website first, before calling or emailing.
  3. c) 48% of B2B consumers feel frustrated and annoyed if a company doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, and 52% are less likely to engage with companies that have no mobile presence at all, according to Google.

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