Interruption and Intent Marketing

August 02, 2015
Mike Dolpies

FB – YP & party like it’s 1993 (How it Works)

Most of the time I find myself talking to one or a combination of these two types of folks…

Business owners who have been around and in business for a long time.

I’m talking their businesses have been in operation for seven or more years.

The other type is someone who may have just started their business – but they have years of experience in their profession and are usually thirty or in most cases forty years old or older.

Life experience and business experience are critical to the success of any venture.

Constantly learning and building on past experiences, especially failure, play a huge part in making things work.

We can expand on these ideas in a future post – but for now – I just wanted to set the stage to bring up a few points of clarification.

If you have any amount of life and business experience you remember the days when print marketing was king.

The days when advertising in the newspaper could pull in a little return on the ad spend because the eyeballs of your prospects were there. Of course, if you were good at creating ads, you got results. Bad at creating ads, well… all the eyeballs didn’t help much.

But remember… this… The old newspaper advertising was called … “Interruption Marketing.” That means, no one was looking for your ad, they were interrupted by it.

What else…

Then… the Yellow Page guy/girl would stop in. If he/she got you to buy an ad once, they would be back every year. (or another rep would be)

Again… the eyeballs were there, but you still had to be good at creating an ad because you had all the competition screaming at your prospects too.

Remember… this… The VERY OLD concept of Yellow Page advertising is known as “Intent Marketing.” There was a search underway and there was intent when they opened the book.

If you see the simplicity in this – you have the start of what it takes to be successful with online marketing now.


“Intent Marketing” is best leveraged on Google. Someone searches and they can find you if your website is built right and strategies have been put in place that are better than what the competition is doing. Google controls 65% of all searches.

It is not just as simple as… “Buy the biggest ad and scream the loudest” like it was in the yellow pages back in the day. Google has a formula you have to follow. AND… Google is not sending out tons of sales-reps because they do not have to. Their ads platform pulls in billions already.

Instead, it is small companies like mine that help implement search marketing strategies to be found when the intent is there.

Always remember… SEO comes down to three main things… ask yourself…

What am I selling? Where am I selling it? Who else is selling it?

Next… The Fun Part…

The New Master of Interruption Marketing…


1.5 billion folks around the world simply go to Facebook every day for no other reason than to do nothing but consume content.

It is at this moment when you can target your exact best prospect using Facebook’s tools.

The good news. Facebook audience networks of other content platforms target your best “suspect/prospect” while they are hanging out in other areas of the mobile world. Example… Facebook’s Ads marketing also show up in partner mobile apps.

The right words at the right time can interrupt someone and turn them into a customer/client.

It is actually all pretty simple.

But the truth is … if you feel confused about the new world of marketing or unsure… doing NOTHING may or may not be an option.

You just might need the right people to help you implement.

OK, have fun this week and thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me.

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