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May 16, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Penguin 2.0 is coming.

Humbolt Penguin at Whipsnade Zoo.

Humbolt Penguin at Whipsnade Zoo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you recall Penguin 1.0 was the code name for an update that started in April of 2012.

The mission was to decrease the search rankings of any websites deemed to be in violation of Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

Keyword Stuffing, Link Schemes, Cloaking (A technique used to trick a search engine) and Over-Optimization were major targets of Penguin 1.0!

The heads-up on 2.0 is that it will go deeper than 1.0 especially in the area of “linking.”

A couple examples…


Let’s say there’s a popular blog or news site in your area.

That site is filled with content so it has a strong Google ranking for “your area.”

What if they write a story about you?

What if you submit a guest article with some ideas and tips?

Those two create solid and legit back-links. Sure – the more of those you have the better – but Penguin is about quality – not quantity.

How about directory and review sites?

Two warnings…

Not all of these sites are created equally.

There are major players… (Including Google) and then there are all kinds of industry and area directories.

Don’t just “submit to these sites” willy-nilly” make sure they are credible.

Then – these listings have to be “owner-verified!” The problem with automatic “listings” systems is lack of owner-verification.

These services are no different than “link-scheme” services that promised tons of “back-links” years ago. Penguin slapped those down!


IMHBAO – I believe Google will continue to develop their “authority-measure.”

Authority will be based on your site having a depth of good content, constant and relevant additions to the site with a genuine mission to help a Google user get some good info.

One of the best ways to develop “Authority” is with a properly set up blog.

From there…

Regular content additions and optimizing each piece of content is key.

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