The Truth About Google Places

June 10, 2012
Mike Dolpies
Penrose Library Google Places QR code

Penrose Library Google Places QR code (Photo credit: DUPenrose)

I got about 5 forwarded emails from clients asking me about the whole…

“Google Places being Dead” thing.

Fear not Grasshopper –We’ve got some facts thanks to my bizness partna, Elsa.

And I also busted her chops because she wrote a detailed article about this for our June print newsletter.

Thing is – the print newsletter only goes to clients and members.

But since everyone’s stomachs are in knots because of this – let’s take the Joe Friday approach and give you “The Facts.”

You’re Welcome!


1.On May 31st Google once again changed the local landscape. They got rid of Google Places without warning.

2.Google Places is NOT gone, it is just “relocated!”

Let’s say “merged” with Google Plus.

Keep it simple snapper head! Google Places + Google Plus = Google+ Local.

3.It appears that since Google + has not gained the momentum Google would have liked, they are going to force business owners drive it forward by making it impossible to ignore.

Yes – Google is crying in their fancy soup because their attempt to compete with Facebook in social media has largely failed. That’s because users only spend about 3 minutes per month on G+! They committed a violation of “The Art of War” – Don’t engage the enemy on their own battle field!

4.Now Google Places is managed within the Google Plus account.

5. Two different types of searches are apparent– the regular SERP (search engine result page) we are used to with a combination of Google local results, PPC results and organic results. The second type that’s emerging is the one carried out within Google Plus which is greatly influenced by user and circle member recommendations.

So what to do?

1. You will need to start by creating a Google + business page if you don’t already have one.

Around here we have begun this process for our clients.

2. If you had an optimized Google Places page with pictures, videos, reviews, etc. you will need to merge these into your Google + business page.

3. The 5 star review rating you were aiming at is gone – now the system consists of a maximum of 30 points of which a range of 26-30 points is considered Extraordinary to Perfection.

4. Once done, make sure you go over the new page with a fine-toothed comb to edit, add and personalize as needed.

This is yet again another display of how an on-going SEO campaign and a team in your corner is a MUST.

We have been hard at work creating business pages for our clients so they don’t miss a beat. Have you created yours yet?

If you’d like to be considered as a client – we’ll first give you a complimentary 48 point inspection of your website and internet marketing.

Go here to check that out… It’s our way to help you out with no strings.

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