The Future of Google Rankings

March 08, 2013
Mike Dolpies

This is in the works.

It’s a long time coming too. Over due!

But don’t expect this change to happen fast or next week.

Word is that Google will at some point have an “Author Rank Formula.”

This “Author Rank” will grade the content of a website.

A long time coming because, unfortunately, the world of Search Engine Optimization (the goal of being found for your keywords and phrases) is sometimes filled with “tricks” and “short-term” schemes to get rank.

Back link farms.

Services promising to submit your site “1000’s of directories.”

The list goes on and on.

All the while the real value of a site is the content and information it can provide to a visitor who is looking for the information.

Doesn’t this make perfect sense?

Here’s what to think about…

How deep is your content?

How relevant is your content?

How “recent” (meaning: how often do you update things) is your content?

Don’t take my word about this right now.

Just watch and pay attention to how things UN-fold.

For now ask yourself…

How is my content?

One of the areas we really dive into with our “48 Point Internet Marketing Audit” is content.

You can request yours right here.



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