The Future of Facebook Marketing

May 21, 2014
Mike Dolpies

The Future of Facebook Marketing and How it is Going to Make Small Businesses Say “Uncle!”

Let’s bust out the Crystal…
No… not the fancy glasses sitting in our dining room hutch… but the crystal ball.

Prediction Time.

First… The Facts.

There are 10 Million+ pages on Facebook that are identified as “Business Pages.”

Most of these are “small business pages.”

Sure… some come and go. Others… are just there.

But the number is 10 million.

Out of these 10 million…. 1 million actually use Facebook Advertising in some way.

In essence… Facebook has 1 million clients.

Think about it…

Ads pay the bills at Facebook and 1 million businesses have used or are using Facebook Ads.

Naturally… Facebook wants that number to increase.

And I don’t blame them for two reasons…

1) Facebook is running a business.
2) Facebook Ads (Done Right) work. The fact that 23 people shared a special for this client is proof that a little strategy and thinking facebook marketing done rightdifferently about Facebook goes a long way!

Have you heard of “Organic Reach?”

This is the reach your Facebook Business Page update gets on its own.

No ads needed. No “Boosted Post.”

This number will fluctuate.

Organic Reach will greatly depend on the content and how it is received by your audience.

I have seen some posts reach up to 26% of my audience at times.

I have also seen only 2% reach.

And… frankly… the 2% ones were no surprise… it was just filler content.

There have been mixed reports on the average percentage for organic reach.

Some say… 10%… others say 18%.

Overall the numbers are way down.

Organic reach will continue to drop for business pages.

The fact is your Facebook Business Page updates are not getting through to your audience.

The Prediction…

Facebook is making it perfectly clear.

Out of the 10 million business pages that exist… Facebook will chase away a large chunk that will never buy ads.

Facebook will make it so they will eventually give up (“Say Uncle!”) and delete their account… making Facebook less crowded for Business Pages willing to embrace and use Facebook Advertising.

If Facebook chased away 2 million pages and then simply doubled the number of advertisers they would double their revenue.

Fact is…

If a business wants their content to get through and impact a (Hopefully) very targeted list of “likes/audience” they are going to have to pay for it.

And there’s so much more to it.

A basic strategy for Facebook Success…
1) Content.

2) Build an Audience.

3) Work the Audience and be willing to pay for your content to get through.

4) Ever so gently nudge your audience to action. (there’s a system for this)

5) Ring the register.

6) Repeat steps 1 through 6.



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