How much a Facebook Like is Worth to Your Business

April 28, 2013
Mike Dolpies

I came across this study and wanted to share it with you…

“Syncapse, a social intelligence company, conducted a study with more than 2,000 Facebook users who liked a brand and considered a Facebook user’s product spending, loyalty, recommendations, brand affinity and more to come up with the number. It turns out Facebook fans spend more money on the brands they like—$116 a year more than nonfans—even if their income was equal. In addition, those who liked brands were 18% more satisfied with the brand and 11% more likely to continue buying the brand. I guess all those little percentages add up to $$$ for the brand.”

Let’s be realistic…

I wouldn’t start the party and celebrate just yet.

Heck – you shouldn’t even start adding up those page likes either…

$116 x (how many page likes you have) =

The math will add up if…

Those “Fans/Likes” are actually targeted and fit the profile of those likely to do business with you.

Then, there’s surely a “snow-ball” effect.

That is…

The more “Fans/Likes” you have and the more you work different Facebook strategies the greater your chances of ringing the register.

A Facebook Like on your business page will not automatically be worth anything unless you have a plan in place.

There was another study recently that revealed every time you “Like” a business page – you’re worth $174 to that business.

It’s not as cut and dry as handing over $174 to each business you like.

The numbers are crunched with a few variables and we’re talking averages here.

However, this research does support what a page Like on Facebook can be worth to you when you put the right game plan in place.

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