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June 26, 2013
Mike Dolpies
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Last week I was speaking to a group of twenty-two or so business owners.

The event was put together by the SBA, Merrimack County Savings Bank and “In-Town Concord.”

The topic was…

Facebook Ads.

It’s the same talk I have been doing via a similar structure for about a year now.

It covers the “Principles” of Facebook Advertising.

To sum it up…

“How to Find Exactly Who You Want By Leveraging The World’s Largest Social Media Site”

With each talk I drive home the point…

“Facebook Advertising is more like ‘old-school’ newspaper advertising than anything else.”

And Zuck said it himself…

“Facebook is the world’s largest personalize newspaper.”

Of course – most of the news is personal “news” about your friends and family.

But Facebook is looking to add to this a little.

Facebook Reader is a project that has been in the works for a while.

The project was made public when the Wall Street Journal reported on it June 24th.

Reports say the new feature will be focused on bringing “hard news” to you via Facebook.

Which makes sense doesn’t it? Considering Facebook is the world’s largest and most relevant newspaper.

To be clear – Facebook will not be “writing the news” just aggregating it.

The focus will be on mobile.

This focus makes sense to me because most of my time spent on my smartphone and tablet ends up being “news consumption” and email.

Facebook wants us to spend more time on Facebook.

When that happens ad revenues pour in.

I find it troubling how a vast majority of small businesses are still resisting Facebook Advertising.

A Facebook strategy is simple…

1- Two responsibilities… Follower Acquisition and Content.

2- You can “Advertise” to Facebook Users as they sift through their “personal newspaper.”

3- You also get to the be the “publisher.”

Meaning: As you acquire followers you add to their overall “news experience.”

Finally… a Confession….

Back in 2005, 2006 and 2007 I gave “Myspace” some considerable effort.

Granted – I had no real clue what I was doing – but I did generate some business from the now defunct social network.

In 2008 and 2009 I sort of “resisted” Facebook.


Well – I remember going to night clubs A LOT in my early 20’s.

It was interesting how a club could have a run for a few weeks or even a few months and then all of sudden… “poof!” Everyone’s moved on.

Because we filter everything through our own experiences I really thought Facebook might suffer the same… “No body goes there anymore” fate like Myspace.

It was not until early in 2010 when I began using the ads platform to build page likes and work a strategy that I became convinced.


If you’re gonna be on Facebook – Might as well kick some booty right?

First step…

Increase Page Likes.


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