Facebook Google and What is Coming in 2016

December 28, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Google – Facebook & 2016 & You.  nh web design and internet marketing service

You know this, right?

The internet is dominated by Google & Facebook.

Of course, Apple is dominant, but in a different way than Google & Facebook.

When it comes to business… Google and Facebook are “it” (for the most part).

Here’s what you can expect for 2016.

Google is sort of scared.

They’ve been scared of Facebook for a few years now.

Remember, the failure (in many ways) of Google Plus? That was Google attempting to beat Facebook at its own game.

But here’s why these two companies dominate the internet.

They capitalize on “Intent” and “Discovery.”

Or… to put it more directly…

Google is mainly an “intent-driven” platform (“Need something and go search) while Facebook is built on “interruption.” Putzing through my Facebook feed and “discovering” things relevant to me.

But here’s where 2016 will be different. (and more of the same)

Each company is trying hard to be like the other.

Google’s “Now” and personal assistant “OK Google” is working hard to show you things and services you might want before you go search.

And… the big one…

Facebook is rolling out a search engine that helps you find local businesses and services. It ranks them by ratings and reviews.

Hmm… didn’t your good buddy Mike D. tell you about that whole reviews and ratings thing… AND… shamelessly plug my “Reputation Ninja?” (Here it is again… BTW:  Reputation Marketing )

OK… that’s it. That’s what coming in 2016.

Do you wanta cover both angles?

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OK – If I don’t talk to you before the ball drops on 2016…Happy New Year!

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