Free Cheese

April 18, 2016
Mike Dolpies

The only free cheese is in the mouse trap.


Everyone loves quotes right?

So let’s start this week’s newsletter with a quick quote.

I heard this one while listening to a guy named Randy Gage being interviewed.

“The only free cheese is in the mouse trap.”

Isn’t that great?

He said this in the context of talking about how dangerous all of the Government hand-outs all.

As is… everyone who wants and expects something free from the government may believe it’s a good thing… but really… it’s a trap.

That’s as political as I’ll get. But hey… we’re all small biz owners here.

Here’s why I used the quote this week…

  • It’s a great quote.
  • Because Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook F8 keynote is the embodiment of “free cheese.”
  • Free cheese has been used for years and you should use it at times.

OK… about “Zuck.” He spoke to Facebook developers about the next five to ten years and what’s on the horizon…

A few key points:

Facebook is trying to get businesses of all kinds to embrace FB messenger as their primary communication tool. Imagine that? I think Facebook has to give us a few more ways to use messenger to target our best audiences on Facebook before we all shift away from phone and email. Don’t you think? We shall see how this plays out.

He also touched on virtual reality… both augmented and immersion. Something we talked about in our last post.

He touched on numerous initiatives. All of them free for Facebook users. So there’s the mouse-trap. And it applies to everything that’s going on online. Google, Facebook and the social medial flavor of day all rely on “free cheese.” It is what it is. They attract the user with free cheese. It’s up to us business owners to capture the attention of the user with effective advertising and marketing on the platforms that have our best customers, prospects and clients. And many are a waste of time with no staying power… think Twitter.

Your own free cheese… in a good way.

As you go through your marketing plans. Whether, it’s just you and you have your marketing meeting in the mirror so you can double attendance or you have an entire team … think about your cheese… what are you using?

Being aware of “the cheese” and using your own version is the take-away.


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