Facebook Ads Can Save A Life

October 18, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Facebook Ads Can Save a Life

Great story.

Especially fun for all those who have been “angered” over the years at the idea that Facebook dares to sell ads.

The story…

A busy single mom had been putting off a trip to her doctor.

Just not enough time in the day.

Kept forgetting to call and make an appointment.

Then… while cruising Facebook (Yes – I see the irony… time to check Facebook but not call her doctor!) she happened across a Facebook Ad about “virtual doctors.”

Did the Facebook Ad interrupt her Facebook browsing?


But after all – that’s what Facebook Marketing is.

It’s what we call an “Interruption” media.

In the marketing world… Interruptions are not bad… as long as they are relevant.

And that’s the power of Facebook Ads.

You can target.

Your interruptions can be extremely relevant.

Totally different from “Search Marketing” where you can show up exactly when someone is looking.

The key is to embrace both types of online marketing.

Back to the story…

She clicks on the ad because she remembers she has been putting off the doctor visit.

She likes the idea of talking with a doctor online.

Fast-forward. In turns out her condition is diagnosed as urgent.

She finds out about the cancer early enough to save her life.

That’s the power of relevancy.

You may want to think about your Facebook Marketing a little more.

After all… it might just save someone’s life.

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