The End of Google Plus

April 28, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Even though I should have – I never have.

That is… read the entire book… The Art of War, By: Sun Tzu.

As a matter of fact… I will read it in May. There ya go. It’s settled.

Overtime I have read different passages from the book.

And a while back a principle from the book was used to explain why Google+ was doomed from the start.


A rule of war…

Something like… don’t engage the enemy on their own battlefield.

Again… I am most-likely not getting it exactly… and that’s OK because when I read the entire book next month… I’ll have it.

But think about how this relates to Google Plus.

With Google Plus, Google, the Search Giant/Mobile Operating System leader (in the making at the time), tried to copy and then beat Facebook at their own game.

It didn’t work!

So now the talk is… Google Plus will be downgraded from a “Product” to only a “Platform.”

We won’t bother with the differences.

And… I know a few weeks back I said to “pay attention” to Google +.

Was I wrong?


This “Platform” thing is exactly what Google+ needs to live on in a better way.

Let’s face it…

Beyond doing a “Hangout” (A really cool G+ feature) no one was really hanging out on Google+.

Not many users shared much of anything. Hardly anyone bothered to check their G+ feed to see what their friends were up to.

What we are left with…


Another layer on top of Google.

A way to easily communicate with friends/business associates via Hangouts.

A platform for recording content.

A “directory” of sorts for local businesses. Remember… Google sort of forced all of us to have “Google+ Local Pages.”

Google+ is still important.

Just not the way Facebook is important.

Not the way Facebook is used.

Google is finally ready to throw in the towel on their “Social Network.”

What’s left that can have an impact on your business?

Here ya go…

Your Google+ Profile as it is tied to your expert/leadership/authority in your field. The tie-in with something called “Google Authorship.”

Google+ Local Business Page.

Tie-in with an optimized Youtube Channel.

The change over from product to platform will happen slowly. It will be interesting to watch how the “end of Google+” un-folds.

Enjoy the week!

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