Don’t Steal Home Without It

May 17, 2015
Mike Dolpies

My wife is the head coach for our daughters’ softball team this year. nh internet marketing

Julia is 10 and Marissa is 8 so this year they get to be on the same team again.

The last time we coached, two years ago, we had fun, the kids learned and we had a winning season.

So far this year we lost the first game.

This weekend – we played a tournament against a bunch of teams from a few leagues.

We won on Friday night and then again two times on Saturday.

Sunday’s first game was early, 8AM. Single elimination and we lost a heartbreaker.

I gave the kids a nice pep-talk about how we learn more from our losses than we do our wins while reminding them, we have an entire season still to play!

The truth is… it’s my wife who is the real softball coach. See… she played in college for Cornell. Me? Not so much. Street Basketball, Street Hockey and of course, martial arts were my main sports growing up.

Fact is – I am probably the worst player turned coach ever in the history of softball!


I focus on my role. During games I am the third-base coach.

I think this is a fun and IMPORTANT role.

Why? Because at this age… stealing is now allowed.

And… some of these girls throw some wild pitches.

If one of my players gets on second base I can call them to steal third and they’ll get there most of the time without being tagged out. Then… we’re in scoring position. All I need is a little room and a bunch of hustle and my kids score some runs!

As a business owner I like this… “look for the opportunity strategy” that goes along with being a third-base coach.

And the main rule…


The rule is. If the coach tells you to run… you haul your little butt to the base and slide if you need to.

Side note: One mom walked by me during warm ups… “Isn’t it just about fun for this age?” she asked me… “Yeah… it’s more fun when you win so we play to win!”

If the runner hesitates about stealing home they’re most-likely going to be out.

And… that’s a good rule for business too… Don’t Hesitate!

Act fast when an opportunity presents itself.

Take action when things can be done to improve your business.

I had all the other parents laughing as we came off a five-run inning.

As I walked past where they were sitting – I pulled out my Amex card and said…

“Don’t Steal Home Without It!” Movie trivia… Where did I steal that one from?

Ok… Don’t Hesitate to Have an Awesome Week!

Catch Up Soon!

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask

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