Cover Both Search and Social Search

October 25, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Why Not Have Both?

I bet you’ve noticed this.

But first…

People have searched for information for years.

Long before Google. (By the way…. Google had a better than expected quarter so, yes… people are searching more.)

Long before “Zuck” put Facebook together in his Harvard dorm room.

Way, way before online reviews.

People either searched published directories or they asked friends and family.

After they got the info they needed and made the connection to the business or the solution they were looking for – they then went into “deeper research mode” to validate their choice.

Fast Forward…

One thing I am seeing more and more of… is people asking their friends on Facebook for recommendations.

“Does anyone know a good kitchen remodeling company?” “Any connections to a good Realtor?” “OH, no – we need a plumber!” “It’s date night, any recommendations on a nice place to eat?”

And then, the comments start coming in.

We have actually picked up a few clients when folks on Facebook… said… “Mike & Elsa over at can help you.”

Recently we did a logo for a guy… who was asking his Facebook friends if they knew anyone who can design a nice logo at a fair price. (In that case, I chimed in myself. You should keep an eye out too.)

Amen. People these days are “crowd-sourcing” for recommendations. Good! Be solid on social media.

Many times, these “friends” will also include a website link in their recommendation. SO… a better website and web presence makes you more referable.

NOW… About Having Both!

Google, Bing and Yahoo are obviously the other parts of the internet where folks go for information.

A solid search engine strategy – connected to a strong website and awesome online review system – is a HUGE advantage.

The question of the week… Why not have both sides of the coin covered?… Search and Social.

Think about it.

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