October 10, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Competition: My Age-Related Question For You

I am gonna ask an “age-related” question.

I just turned 36 so my memory only goes back so far.

If you can remember… 20 years, 30 years ago…

Did anyone cry the blues about “how the world is so competitive?”

Obviously…. That long ago…. When I was six and sixteen… I wasn’t paying attention to stuff like that.

But I hear it all the time now. “The world is super-competitive!”

In some cases I see it too.

And it’s fun really. Being in a competitive world.

I’m gonna stick my neck out now and say – it’s always been this way.

No?  Yes? Agree?

Here’s the difference now…

Now… we just have easier access to all sorts of information.

Websites, Google Listings, Yelp Listings, Facebook, Facebook Friends and their quick opinions.

Plus, Online Reviews where we can compare feedback and ratings side-by-side.

The list goes on.

So maybe… yea… as our population has increased over the years – so have the amount of businesses.

But there are more people too so it evens out, doesn’t it?

Also… in some fields… there are a lack of providers so there is less competition. These swings have always existed.  Think how many less real-estate agents there are now than in 2006.

So let’s say… the Game of Business has always been the same. (Competitive)

But the playing field and the equipment to compete and win has changed.

Adjust, Adapt and Kick some Butt. Competition is a good thing.

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Mike Dolpies Mike Dolpies (aka Mike D.) owns “Ocean View Publishing, LLC” - a diverse media/Internet Marketing and Consulting Company. He started his first business when he was just 18 years old. By the time he was 23 that business had generated well over a Million Dollars in sales and was consistently in the top 20% of its industry. He's the Author of 6 different books. His first book, “Motion Before Motivation, The Success Secret That Never Fails,” became a bestseller on He's been a guest on the Fox Morning News several times and has been written about in many newspapers. His work has also appeared on and Fox

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