Chatbots for Small Business

November 12, 2016
Mike Dolpies

Saying Bye-Bye to Battle Axe Bertha

I was listening to a colleague and networking partner tell a story of being referred to a pediatric dentist by her dentist. This was because her dentist did not treat kids.

Long-story made really short…

What she encountered when trying to deal with the “front desk person” was a nightmare.

She ended up getting a different referral.

In this case both… the front desk person, Battle Axe Bertha, and the Doc were pretty bad.

But it got me thinking about something I am working on right now… as we speak.

And that’s building my first couple of chatbots.

In short…

The rise of the Chatbots.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (so it gets smarter) and NLP… Natural Language Programming… Chatbots are going to change the way small businesses handle…

Answering Frequently Asked Questions.

Scheduling Initial Consults or Trials.

Scheduling Appointments.

Lead Generation.

Getting Job Applications.

Ordering … Think… Ordering Your Pizza through the shop’s Chatbot.

And more.

Messenger Apps are a big deal. Facebook Messenger is huge with a billion users.

Bots are aware and awake 24/7.

A Bot’s attitude is always pleasant.

And with users being conditioned for and demanding fast replies and answers the businesses that deploy a Bot can win out.

If you’d like to discuss some ideas for having me build you a bot, just hit reply and maybe we can talk.

I don’t have any fancy landing page for my bots service right now because, I’m busy tweaking the first couple of bots.

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