Cardboard and Scotch Tape

January 02, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Cardboard and Scotch Tape Problems (my mistake)

For the first newsletter of 2017 I want to tell you about a mistake I made.

Years ago I made the mistake…

Of getting in business with someone who…

On the surface seemed pretty solid.

It looked like their current business was running smooth.

So this person was able to initially attract some people to buy in to the concept and join the business.

But – as time unfolded… It was clear.

This was…

“A cardboard and Scotch Tape Empire.”

A cluster-yada-yada.

Not good.

I got bruised a bloodied – but lived to tell about it.


Flip this around right now.

I see the opposite at times.


I remember checking out this cigar place’s website.

I don’t smoke cigars – but this was a referral because they needed, wanted (and still want and need) a better web presence. (Some people move at snails-pace. It is what it is)

The old site looked like something out of the early 2000’s.

And… sure… I get it… I do this stuff all day long.

BUT… my consumer hat is always on.

What I call my… “Homer Simpson” brain was totally stunned when I happened to be in the area and actually stopped by.

This place was a palace! Holy Moly!

But the web presence… with so many things out of whack and the old “amateur-hour” website gave me the impression of some old, smoky, dingy place. Not the high-end palace I was looking at.

What a total shock!

And that is the danger of the world we live in.

Not having a web presence that actually “matches the professionalism of your business.”

Neglecting to pay attention to online reviews.

Not tracking what’s going on with your website.

Etc, etc.


Being “too busy” to worry too much about your web presence… well…. That’s a good thing (being busy).

Because… if things are not busy – the web is the least of your problems.

But still… don’t let them think of you as “cardboard and scotch tape” when – you and I BOTH know… you are far from it.

A solid business – should have a solid web presence.

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