Bitcoin on Black Friday

November 21, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Bitcoin on Black Friday


It’s sort of a frenzy right now.

Like a bunch of idiots ready to bust down the door at Walmart to try get that big screen TV for $20.


I won’t pretend to know much about it.

Where to buy it.

What to buy with it.


Not my thing.

I do remember hearing about it back in 2012.

Of course…

If I had Doc Brown’s DeLorean I’d head back in time and grab some.

Apparently it’s worth $8000 right now.

No regrets. As far as I know, Warren Buffet didn’t by any either.

Back in the summer, I got a clue that a ton of folks are about to get hammered, when I saw people talking about it on Facebook.

Then, I saw Ads for “Learn Bitcoin and blah, blah…”

Buffet didn’t buy it because he doesn’t buy what he doesn’t understand.

Bitcoin (and many other asset classes) are over-valued right now. But that’s a topic for a different crowd.

When it comes to online marketing for your business…

You should not do anything you don’t understand.

I am amazed when I talk to business owners, who are working with other agencies and they can’t answer simple questions…

“What are they doing for you?”

“How do they report it to you?”

“Last question… is the reporting raw information from Google Analytics or is it fudged through a 3rd party?”

Deer in headlights is usually a bad sign.

OH… back to Bitcoin… The fact that there are ads about it on Google when you search… the fact that your goofy neighbor is speculating in it… All signs… someone… is about to get hurt.

Back to online marketing.

There are a bunch of things that consistently work, and will continue to work.

I put this video together to show you.

Check out it… Warren Buffet style.

You’ll understand it when you’re done watching it.


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