Birds that almost drove me crazy

October 20, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Going back about a month or so… I  heard birds in my office.

I thought they were coming from the attic.

It’s an old downtown building so maybe a bird or two snuck in?

Actually – it sounded like a family of birds.

What was strange is that I only heard them once in a while.

I heard the birds on three or four occasions.

Mean-while …  Among the MANY prospective clients I had been speaking with about website remodels – one was in the burial /cemetery business.

On four occasions I pulled up their website.

Once to take a look when they inquired.

Once after I spoke with them.

Another time when I was doing their quote.

One more time as they gave me their company credit card to make their deposit.

Are you seeing the pattern here?

All of my clients start their projects after a deposit is made.

We start with a “new client conference call” usually… because most clients are all over the country.

Yes… we have successfully built tons of sites over the years using this model. It’s also how we keep costs down and pass the savings along.

Anyway… As always – I pull up the current site when getting ready for this call.

This time – I was more focused on the site. At this point they were clients… they had “skin” (and feathers) in the game.

Guess what… The birds were back!

And of course – quickly I noticed the little audio notice in browser!

DUH! The entire time it was their website with these birds chirping driving me crazy!

A couple of things.

I really didn’t notice their website chirping prior to them coming on board.

But the fact is… having audio play on auto when you pull up a site is a no-no.

 In some cases it’s OK… Like lead-gen videos where ads were clicked.

Fun stuff.

Definitely a first for me.

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