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November 01, 2015
Mike Dolpies


I hope you had a nice Halloween weekend. (Or just a nice regular weekend).

This is the time of the year where candy mysteriously falls from the sky and into my mouth.

Gotta hit gym extra hard!


I’m gonna sort of recap a conversation I had with a new client.

We’ll protect the names so the innocent – stay innocent. He won’t mind anyway.

Sort of funny because he stole my metaphor and did it one better.

Let me explain…

In my travels I still come across and speak to a fair amount of businesses that STILL do not have any sort of website for their business and most importantly, do not really “own” their online presence or identity.

I use the metaphor/analogy (Or whatever Saul Goodman would call it) and relate it to playing a game.

The point is… We’re all “at the game” of online marketing – no matter what. But some business are playing (and playing well) while others are simply sitting on the sidelines or in the stands.

But no matter what… we’re all at the game and in the stadium.

We’re at the game and in the stadium because shortly after a business is born all sorts of data becomes available on it online.

And whether you want the information to be “out there” or not – it’s gonna be out there.

If you don’t own and control this hill of data it will end up inaccurate, out of date and will not serve your business at all.

All the big dogs compile information and create pages for all businesses. These pages can be edited, reviews left on them and any number of accurate or inaccurate information can be placed on them.

Without a website (or an up to date and accurate website) the “narrative” of an online presence is left to chance.

Back to the metaphor/ analogy…

I got a laugh the other day when a new client said to me…

“Mike, I get it. I am not in the game. I am not even in the stadium. I am out in the parking lot tail-gating. “

The project for this client is a brand new website build to help him represent his business properly online and control the narrative. So we’ll be helping him suit up and get on the field.

We’re all at the game.

The decision point is whether you’re playing, playing well or just sitting in the stands… or worse… outside tailgating.

This ebook – published mainly for our email newsletter peeps –  gives you a bunch of ideas and tools to play the online marketing game and win. This ebook will help you – regardless of your what level you’re playing the game.

Check it out…

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