Apple Changes and How Apps and Websites Will Converge

August 22, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Apple App Store… No More…


This is one of those posts.


At first.

Does not apply to everyone.

Well… at first it does not apply to everyone because I am starting off talking about mobile apps.

But, then… I am converging on the rest of the web… so it will apply to every business … (well, not every business, but you get the idea.)


Apple has always had strict review polices for accepting apps to be downloadable in their App Store.

Their policies were very strict, but not that strict. More so than Google.

In other words… we were able to get apps submitted, reviewed and approved efficiently.

The good news is we were able to do this at a modest cost.

Thus… passing those savings on to our clients and delivering “native IOS apps” for a very completive rate.

BUT… All good things come to an end.

And if you were thinking about a mobile app for your business… well… it’s a snooze you lose moment… because our new pricing on Apps will be out of reach for many.

It’s OK… It’s Apple’s way of wielding power and getting stricter about the apps that appear in the App Store.

Basically… the new requirements Apple has will have us spending more time and resources on our apps.

The Good News? You would get an even better mobile app.

So the App Store is not “no more”  – but the game has changed.

Now… enough about Apps…

This change is enabling us to look at other options.

Namely… something called… “Progressive Web Apps.”

Progressive Web Apps are the next evolution of websites.

They are accessed through the browser but can tie in to phone functions.

They can pin-point location, they can send push notices… AND – they can be installed on the homescreen!

All – with just a click or two.

As I was testing out some of the functions… I realized – Progressive Web Apps can serve as websites for businesses.

We are a little ways off.

But, in the very near future we will be able to offer a one-solution approach to an awesome site, along with really cool mobile app functions.

I will keep you posted and have some examples soon.

That’s all.

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