Angie’s List

July 11, 2016
Mike Dolpies

You have heard of “Angie’s List” right?

I don’t have “regular TV” so I wouldn’t know if they are still running those commercials or not?

Ya know… where the home-owner says… “Thanks Angie!”

Anyway… Angie Hicks. She founded the company. She went door-to-door in the beginning.

She was definitely a hustler. Eventually she raised capital.

I don’t have all the facts – so feel free to check.

But Angie’s List has never turned a profit… ever.

Always running on the share-holder’s dime.

Not sure if you knew this…

But the model has always been… The consumer pays like $40/year to be part of this… “Review Club.”

Angie’s List is removing this charge. So now… anyone can see these reviews.

And well… how now will Angie’s List make the green-backs?

By selling ads to businesses of course…

Just like Google.

Just like Facebook.

Just like Yelp.

Just like Houzz.

Just like YP  (what a joke)

But that’s the gig…Where eye-balls go – ads flow.

And yes… Angie’s List will start to be more relevant to your online reputation and your SEO/Business Identity. It’s just one more spot where you could be found. And it’s one more place a prospect may check you out. It will most-likely create a good back-link to your site.

Just be where the eye-balls are and be there correctly. Keep your web presence looking sharp.

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