Acting On Ideas to Grow Your Business

June 01, 2014
Mike Dolpies

I just picked up a Galaxy S5.

Never one to pass up a deal on good information I took Samsung up on their offer for a complimentary year of Bloomberg Business Week.

Good stuff.

As you know… I like to keep up with just about everything.

This week… I read an article about how Taco Bell generates so many ideas for new products.

All about the Waffle Taco.

Pause for a second. I am not telling you to eat Waffle Tacos. What you eat or don’t eat is your business.

There are plenty of people who go around telling others what they can and cannot eat.


The real take-away is the speed.

And so far their little Waffle Taco has been a huge success. Helping put Taco Bell on the breakfast map.

Helping them add to their overall sales by adding this growing segment to their offerings.

Rumor has it… no one has time to cook breakfast. (I do feel bad for those people!… Wake up earlier maybe?… just a thought.)

How the Waffle Taco was born…

A director of product management had been scrolling through her Facebook Newsfeed one morning when something caught her attention.

It was a photo of a scrambled egg mixed with avocado and cheese, etc wrapped in a waffle.

She liked the idea and started experimenting right away.

Skipping the details…

After numerous tweaks the Waffle Taco was born.

Of course… this product has given the fast food chain a running start for their breakfast efforts.

It’s a success.

Not every test is a success. But that’s OK.

The two main take-aways…

Act on Ideas Fast.

Keep the ideas flowing.

Enjoy your week!

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