3 Ways to Use Facebook Ads

February 15, 2012
Mike Dolpies

Here’s a breakdown of 3 simple and effective Facebook Ad strategies…

Strategy 1-

“I want them to Like me”

This is when you set out to increase “Page Likes.”

Now some people complain because they feel they should not have to “buy likes.” Sorry – no way around it after you exhaust everyone in your circle. Unless your some famous celebrity people are just not searching to “like your business.” You have to interrupt them.

Be warned: Increasing page likes comes with the added duty of working your page.

Why would you want to do this? Don’t skip ahead but read Strategy 3 carefully when you get to it.

Strategy 2 –

“Mike Likes It” so should I

This is where you’ll leverage your likes. Think referrals but a lot less powerful for now. These folks are not gonna call you because their Facebook friend likes you. But they will be interested and possibly start following you.

What we do here is a social ad. This shows up on the user’s Facebook page and basically says…

“Mike Dolpies Likes ….”

What we are shooting are the friends of the likes. Chances are they’re similar.

Strategy 3 –

The Real Secret and The MAIN Reason You Are Building Your Likes

Facebook will NOT let you target the “likes” of another page directly. As great as it would be to target the women who like the big gym in your area – you can not get that narrow.

But you can target any set of people who like a page where you are the admin.

Really powerful for several reasons which I can not go into here. But the tip of the iceberg…

1- They are somewhat familiar with you. Call them a captive audience if you want.

2-This is one the only ads types that gives you the most slack for driving people to an external URL.

What I mean is Facebook frowns upon external links in ads. This makes perfect sense because once someone is your fan/like they’ll be more receptive to to going to a page off of Facebook, filling in a form and becoming a lead. After that, it’s up to you to move them down the funnel!

Make no mistake about it. This is NOT some start today and end up with a flood of new business tomorrow type thing. This takes commitment.

If you’d like a complimentary consultation to see if Facebook Ads are right for you visit:

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