March 23, 2013
Mike Dolpies

A recent Gartner Report that found U.S. marketers ranked spending on the corporate/company website as more likely to result in “marketing success” than spending on social media sites. Internet Marketing Company

And, Yes! Even as a guy who helps business clients with Facebook Ads marketing – I would agree.

Am I shooting my “Facebook Ads Biz” in the foot?


Facebook Ads (and social media in general) still work great if you stick out the strategy but there are times when I would NOT take on a client for Facebook Ads.


When their main website is suffering from neglect.

See it does not make sense to throw resources at FB if the “hub” of your entire marketing game is out of whack.

If someone wants my help with FB Ads but their main site is not found for relevant search terms that are so important to their business I would recommend we get that “house in order” first. A little spring cleaning!

Let’s talk about “Search Vs Social Media”…

Google and Facebook are two different utilities.

People use Google to get things done. To search.

People putz around on Facebook. That’s OK, because it is the “putzing around” that can be good for business.

I am not calling one better than the other.

Two different types of prospects can come from Google and Facebook.

Fact! A prospect found on Facebook will take longer to convert (usually) than a “Googler” who is actively searching. But guess what… A “Googler’s” friends are not going to see they were searching for you. An FB friend sees the businesses their friends “like.”

More fun…

In surveys consumers said they “are more likely to trust” what they find in search results (on Google) and less likely to trust “social media” in general.


Facebookers ask their friends for recommendations and also become interested in what their friends “like.”

Confused yet?

Don’t be!

Embrace it all.

But start on your website.

Don’t let it languish.

It’s too important.

Start to get your “Online Marketing House” in order with a little spring cleaning right here…

With your 48 Point Internet Marketing Inspection

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