The Truth About The New Google Feed

July 24, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Why would Google do this?

After last week’s email and blog post about Google’s upcoming change and the launch of their “Feed” the questions and the speculations are swarming.

One “doomsday” question…  (HA)…

“Is Google preparing for the death of search?”

There’s that reliable old… “Death Of” headline…

“Death of this”  – “Death of that.”

The short answer is … “Uh… No.”

Google is not preparing for the death of search.

Google is simply staying with and even ahead of current realties.

Here goes…

  • Artificial Intelligence and using algorithms to predict our interest based on all of the data we feed the internet is getting more and more precise. Google will deliver an experience to users based on this. And it will only get better over time.


  • The more Google products you use and enjoy the easier it is for Google to show you content and… “Ads” based on this exact data. Enabling some awesome targeting for marketers.



  • The big one… More and more human-beings are turning to their smartphones to be passive consumers of information. (Almost like when you sat and just turned on the TV). 


This doesn’t mean when we really need something we are not going to use “search!”…  We still will and always will search when we need to solve a problem.  Search will never die.


What Google will end up getting with their “Feed” product (among other things)  are “eye-balls.”  Eye-balls that turn to another source of passive information to kill time. 


Google will allow you to do this MINUS all of the crap from “people” you need to sift through on Facebook.


This will play out exactly as we have predicted for a couple of years.

Google and Facebook dominate the internet and the ad spend by offering competing platforms that both do something slightly better than the other.


Pretty simple.

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