They Do Not Want to Talk

October 14, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Lazy & Don’t Want to Talk to You (Why Argue?)

Working with independents is fun.Smartphone with cloud of application icons

I am talking about independent restaurants with one or. even a few more stores.

And it’s always fun to beat up the big boys. The big restaurant chains.

The ones who mostly have frozen food and not so “personal service.”

But one thing you can’t argue about is how these companies innovate.

They dump tons of “dough” into R&D.

And that’s good.

Let them be the pioneers to tell us what is working and what’s not working.

Something that’s working…

Online and Mobile Marketing.

Simple stuff…

A few examples…

If you’re  a casual take out, eat in or delivery place… Having a website connected to an online ordering option is powerful.

Take it one step further…

A mobile apps for small business downloadable from the App Store or Play Store. (Different than a website).

Connect this mobile app to ordering and it’s a slam dunk.

With just a couple of taps on a smartphone – a customer can order.

The big chains are finding more and more –

Overall orders increase as you make it easier and remove the requirement to speak to a real live human-being. How about that??

Not fast casual or take-out/delivery?

That’s OK…

A solid web presence and online menu helps tip the scales in your favor.

I think women are pickier about this than men are.

Meaning: I have talked to many women who get really upset if…

  1. There is no website or online menu for the place they want to go to.
  2. There is a website/online menu but the thing just sucks.

Remember… 50% of your website/online menu visitors come from smartphones.

Why argue with this? Create a positive experience from end to end with a solid website.

How does a mobile app apply to an “eat-in/dining” experience?

Easy… Apps are meant to create more loyalty, brand awareness and repeat business. (You can even power reservations through an app).

I know… not every independent restaurant “needs” any of the above. (Deep Sigh).

We’ll talk soon,

In the mean-time – stay busy! Its beats the alternative.

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