The Internet is Getting too Big

July 04, 2015
Mike Dolpies

A few ideas for you in this post…

  • The internet is getting too big.

How about this. The internet is getting too big. We’ve basically run out of IP Addresses. Under the current protocol, Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4), addresses are designated by four series of numbers ranging from 0 to 255, like This system has been in use since way back and almost all of the 4.3 billion possible labels of IPv4 are being used.

The current version cannot handle the internet any longer. The transition now will be to (IPv6). This means that almost any device on the planet will have room to connect. Think appliances, cars, etc.

I was being interviewed on the radio this week and we talked about the future of the internet. Virtual reality. Both immersion and augmented is coming. Plus, Zuck and his crew at Facebook want you to be able to just think of something and be able to update your friends.  We’ll see.

Stay relevant. Keep your eye on today’s ball. I’ll do my best to look into the future for you.

Next… Quick… Point two…

  • No rules on video length.

If you have ever been to a marketing seminar where the guru was talking about video marketing – you’ve no doubt heard… “Keep those videos short.” I say… don’t worry about it. Take as long as you like. More and more, longer form videos are being consumed. If your peeps wanta watch your stuff… they’ll watch for five minutes or five hours.

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