The Best Compliment a Prospect Can Pay Your Small Business

June 13, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Pop quiz today…

Do you know one of the highest compliments a prospect, customer or client can give you?

You might say… “A referral!” I guess you would be close. And maybe some would say you are 100% correct.

But let’s think about it differently for a second.

You ready…??

The best compliment they can give is… your prospect, customer/client being educated.

And I don’t mean… educated in the sense of their college degree, etc.

I mean educated about…

  • What you’re selling… in general.

Meaning: They have done some homework. Based on their homework… research, reading reviews, “wrapping their head around things” etc… they are choosing you. Because you pass… all of the mental check-points they have imposed on themselves.

  • They make a small breakthrough… This still pertains to number one above… BUT… you made things so clear… they ended up with that… “AHA” moment. Not to brag… BUT – I have been told on numerous occasions… how 5 minutes with me… made things clearer than 5 hours with a so called… “expert.”

Proof… and “troof”… expert seo


  • Educated on You and Your Business: Finally… The last piece of the highest compliment puzzle is when they feel they know you and your company/business. They’ve done some homework on you. They like you, etc. They get it!

Now… I can’t take all the credit… this post was inspired by a sentence I heard on an interview with Gary Vanerchuk. It made me realize how… our very best clients and really… ALL of our clients become educated about the web and internet marketing as they work with us.

Think about how you can take steps to get your peeps into the position of highly educated… let them pay you the very best compliment they could. And really… it does not matter what your business is… any type of business… has both educated and ignorant people to deal with… and usually… if the business is “tip-top” – they have the educated ones.


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