Stand Out and Be a Professional

March 14, 2015
Mike Dolpies

CPA’s & Your Professional Business

Monday March 16th – Happy Corporate Filing Deadline Day!

Today’s the day we have to get those corporate returns post-marked and off to the state officials and feds.

If not… we risk some major headaches.

In the spirit of this wonderful time of year – I have CPA’s and you on my mind.

Let’s go.

I love the internet. That’s where my green stuff comes from.

But sadly… The internet has a done a good job of turning all of us hard-working professionals into commodities.

Good news! The commodity thing is just on the surface.

What I mean is you can prove your expertise and your professionalism when you open a dialog with a prospect.

You can stand out. You can show exactly what happens when someone deals with a pro.

In the spirit of tax season…

We put our trust in our CPA’s. Filing a tax return… well… I guess almost any bean-counter who graduated can do that for you. But “HOW” will they handle it? Who is doing it? What is their level of expertise?

This is the “What, How & Who” thing I often talk about.

The What… That is just the Tax Return.

But HOW it is handled is extremely important.

And WHO is doing it and how committed they are to staying sharp on the tax code is key.

So the next time you are dealing with competition that might be “cheaper”… remember my What, How and Who.

And then…

Remind your prospects…

“If they think a professional is expensive… just imagine how expensive hiring an amateur will be.”

Happy Corporate Tax Day!

For no taxation and plenty of representation visit…

Have a great week!

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