Social Media Content – The Struggle That Does Not Have To Be

October 24, 2012
Mike Dolpies

Business owners often ask me… “Mike, you don’t claim to be a “social media guru” but you talk about Facebook and Facebook Ads a lot – why is that?”

One billion reasons really… new hampshire facebook ads marketing

See… Facebook has the most users of all social media sites. They have the most data on all of us. Facebook has the most developed ad targeting platform out there. That’s why I talk about Facebook and mainly, Facebook Ads.

But I warn clients.

“Please do not have us manage your Facebook Advertising campaigns unless you are going to commit to working your page!”

By “working your page” I mean posting content and replying to comments daily.

But sometimes there’s a struggle with content.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What you must do is take a blank sheet of paper. (You know, that stuff made from trees!)

At the top you will add your categories of content.

From there it’s just a matter of filling one or more of the categories each day.

That’s where your content will come from.

There are about five categories of content.

One can be labeled “Pop-Culture, Studies, Stats & News”

Just this one category can keep you busy all week.

How? I guarantee that each week there are several pop-culture stories, new studies, stats and news that you can use.

Let me give you one example.

Imagine you run a fitness program. This is easy. There are new studies and stats about obesity every week. There are celebrities talking about this.

You can report on this news. You can give your expert opinion and you can invite your “likes” to chime in too. Sometimes you can post questions that strike a nerve.

I was talking to a Facebook Ads client the other day and we did some “content coaching.” We listed out the five areas of possible content for his business. Now he should never be short on ideas.

Lastly – remember the visuals!

Wanta talk Facebook Marketing with us?


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