Simplest Restaurant Marketing Ever

December 07, 2016
Mike Dolpies

Simple is good right?

So here’s a simple and easy to implement marketing plan for you.

There are two things in play here. Both are brain-dead obvious. And I get it – some are always gonna be one-time guests – maybe they are passing through.  Anyway…

  • You have a need to bring in new guests. Folks that have never eaten with you before.
  • You then simply want to increase their frequency. (and order size of course can help)

On the side of “New Guests.”…

Your online presence, website, menu, reviews matter.

Once a nice website is up – it can just do the job of creating a nice image and letting the potential guest see what they want before they come in or call.

Bad reviews can sometimes = no website visitors.

Good reviews can lead to website visitors – but a decent site helps give them a better impression.

Other ways to find new guests…

Sure – you could give in to the 1000 calls from Yelp.

You can try Google Ads.

But, I’m gonna say… Facebook Ads (not just posts) is your best bet for attracting new guests.

$10 a day can do the trick. But there is so much more than just “Boosted Posts” or Getting Likes.

Then – once they have come in you have another mission…

Get their blessing to stay in touch.


Email marketing – still works and can return your spend $40 to every $1.

And… a Mobile App.

The app is downloaded by your customers and then you have the ability to….

Send messages through the app.

Track loyalty points and many other fun concepts to increase frequency.

That’s it.

You don’t need much else!

About the author

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