My favorite prank when I was kid

September 26, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Back in the day. I’m talking the early 90’s.

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When I was a pre-teen and early teen I got into my fair share of mischief.

Growing up in South Philly, it was pretty easy to find mischief – we didn’t have to look very hard.

I never did anything “really” bad.

It was a good thing I discovered martial arts at the end of eighth grade, because it kept me out of trouble  — and then I ended up owning a martial arts school when I was 18. That was the start of my business life and I have never looked back.

My favorite prank though…

Back in the early 90’s  –  every household had the same cable provider.

In Philly —  we had “Greater Media Cable.” That company was eventually bought by Comcast.

No Netflix, No Dish. Everyone had the same channels and (fun for me) the same remote control.

I would grab one of two remotes my parents had and walk the streets of my neighborhood.

If I was able to get a clear shot at the TV from a small opening in the blinds – I’d begin changing the channels on people.

What a pain in the ass I was! A couple times stand out…

Like when this one woman I repeatedly pranked – had the cable company come out. They were all dumb-founded as to why her box would suddenly change channels.

Then – this one guy, he must have been in his late 20’s. I flipped the channels and eventually came across – the – ahem —  “history channel.” Use your imagination. I remember, flipping it away from the “history channel” and then he promptly flipped it back. After a couple of times – it was my que to run. Ha.

Here’s the point.

Back then – there were only so many options that had your prospects’ attention…

TV, Radio, Newspaper, Mail, the Phone and of course, if they had an epiphany moment and were actually looking for your type of business they’d whip out the Yellow Pages.

Now we have tons of channels. When it comes to TV – we have so many channels that “cord-cutters” on overload don’t even see the value and cut their cable subscriptions. We get the shows we want when we want them.

Then… the internet, social media, email, texting, messaging and dozens of “mobile channels” eat up our attention.

Humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

But your “suspects” and “prospects” are more easily reachable now than ever before.

You just have to know what you’re doing.

Like, when I was a kid and I found that little opening in the blinds to control the TV-  you need to find your opening.

But you have to pick your battles carefully.

That’s why I put this ebook together and I am giving it to you.

I wrote it to help you find your winning combination online.

Download it here…

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