You Could Be A Marketing Leader

November 05, 2012
Mike Dolpies

You’re not a Leader – but you could be

There’s a saying…

“Leaders are Readers.”

Still true for sure. Most leaders are well read.

But guess what.

I have new saying for you…

“Leaders HAVE Readers!”

But the stats are over-whelming that most business owners don’t produce anything for their “followers”

(Prospects, Clients & Customers to Read)

I’m not talking prize-winner journalism here.

“I surely ain’t winnin’ no prizes!”

You don’t have to win any prizes.

You just have to get things out.

News. Updates. Information.

Where to start…

Your blog!

At least weekly – and hopefully more.

Which can then be published in email.

Which can then feed to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Even if you have one reader and just a handful of followers you’re still ahead of the game.

I find way too many give up too quickly.

But I also see some real and very UN-necessary obstacles that cause frustration.

  1. No guidance. Instead of taking the short-cut and getting coaching and help from someone who can get them on a clear path to “leadership through readership” they flounder around until they get exhausted from banging their heads against the wall.
  2. Tools not set up properly. I’ve talked about this before. When we do our 48 Point Web Marketing Inspections we find blogs that either NOT there or not set up properly.
  3. Game-Plan. This ties into problem one mentioned above. When working with clients I can easily give them a game-plan for success with blogging and Facebook that will keep them on track. You need a game-plan and then you have to stick to it.

Whatever your challenge is – I strongly suggest you develop a sense of urgency around getting this important aspect of marketing in gear.

To see where you stand visit…

48 Point Internet Marketing Inspection


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