Marketing Ideas are Nothing Without Action

May 07, 2013
Mike Dolpies

23 bucks for 4 minutes work…

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English: american breakfast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe there are two factors that can have a dramatic positive impact on your success if you’re aware of them.

1- Idea flow

2- Action

They go together like PB&J

Marketing Ideas are energy to a small business owner.

Ideas keep you motivated.

Ideas get you excited.

Without ideas – complacency sets in and eventually, boredom and slow-down ensue.

Ideas come from your willingness to manage information flow.

Your ability to heighten your awareness of concepts that can work to propel your business forward.

Ideas come from knowing what is working for others.

Ideas also come from staying current with information, reading good books and constantly being a sponge for learning.

But ideas are nothing without action.

Taking action and implementing is where results come from.

In fact, even if you implement and decide the idea or concept is flawed or won’t work at all – that’s better than no action.

Ideas combined with action is where real ROI comes from.

Let me give you an extremely basic example.

Years ago I was a very serious student of copywriting.

Understanding the craft of creating marketing messages and words for my business went to the top of my continuing education priority list for about a year and half.

The time studying copywriting has been extremely profitable to my business and the business of my clients ever since.

Of course – I am still a serious student of copywriting – but not on the scale I was during that time.

My study lead me to reading countless books and to a bunch of courses.

I really got better when I applied and tested what I learned.

This past weekend I was reminded of one of the simple ideas I learned in one of my copywrting books several years ago.

It proves how one paragraph, in one book could be worth $100’s to you.

(And we’re talking one paragraph remember!)

The book was… “Magic Words That Bring You Riches” by: Ted Nicolas. In the book, he starts with some simple things before he gets down to business. He proves how Magic Words can be profitable in all areas of life.

The Idea…

Whenever you check into a hotel always ask for complimentary breakfast.

Of course… the pre-req is the hotel has to have a restaurant attached where breakfast is served and the breakfast is NOT included with your room.

I have done this with a success rate of 90% for the past several years. My guess, is this one idea has saved me (or made me – because I did not have to buy breakfast for myself or the family) over $200.

For flapping my lips and asking this past weekend after we checked into a Marriot, the value was $23 and some change. Not bad for 4 minutes worth of work.

Holy cow!I’m glad I did get it free because if I had to pay $23 for that breakfast I would have been extremely angry!

The idea = Ask for breakfast.

The source = a book about copywriting

The action step = try it

The result = free breakfast for life 😉

ROI = a lot

This is a silly example, but 100% true,

Other ideas can be worth much more to you when acted on.

Don’t let those ideas stew for too long.

Take action, get some momentum and see the results.

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