Lessons Learned From Blackberry

July 28, 2013
Mike Dolpies

This is something all of us can improve on.

RIM BlackBerry 7230

RIM BlackBerry 7230 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s about not going the way of “Blackberry.”

Isn’t crazy to think..

RIM’s Blackberry was (sort of) the first “smartphone.”

Sure…PDA’s were available but Blackberry really took the world be storm.

I remember getting my first one back in 2004.

So what happened?

Many will tell you the iPhone started to kill the Blackberry back in 2007.

Then the Android operating system launched in 2008 and gave us another alternative.

The big difference and the beginning of the end of Blackberry was the fact we all decided we wanted to do more with our smartphones.

Blackberry was an awesome communication tool.

But web browsing, media consumption and everything else we now do with smartphones was made easy by iPhones and Androids.

By the time Blackberry realized what hit them it was too late.

Market share had shrunk to dangerously low levels.

A few of the points I’ve read from tech reporters over the years…

“Blackberry was busy obsessing over keyboards while iPhones and Androids were taking their customers.”

“Blackberry is just not listening or understanding what we all want in a smartphone.”

and my favorite…

“Blackberry is stuck in some weird time-warp. In this time-warp a day is a week, a week a month and a month a year. They just don’t move fast enough.”

I think there are numerous lessons in the Blackberry tale for all us to learn from.

Constant improvement is a necessary component of business success.

It never ends.

Aiming to move faster in all things is a worthy goal.

I’m with ya on constant improvement – it’s a never-ending journey!.

Have a great week!

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