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November 06, 2016
Mike Dolpies

I wonder what your thoughts are here?

About Allo replacing Google?

First…  What is Allo?

Allo is Google’s new messenger app.

My thoughts about Allo…

As far as being a messenger app… it’s got a snowball’s chance of winning the messenger app war.

Let’s face it…

Competing with…

Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Kik and a few other more established players is gonna be tough.

Think about how Google Plus got its clock cleaned trying to compete with Facebook for social media eyeballs.

Habits are hard to break. Many folks are already sort of dialed in to their preferred messenger platforms. And… no surprise… Facebook is way ahead of the game on this one.

But… new habits that make things easier can be formed quickly. And here’s where Google’s messenger could be dominant…

As I was playing with Allo I have been chatting with Google’s assistant. It’s a helpful “chatbot.”

For fun… I asked it many things … for one… I asked it to show me the “Best Caterer in the Concord NH area?”

It was awesome that it returned one of my SEO and online marketing clients. search through chatbots

A business with a well-developed online identity and optimized website.

The question becomes…. How you can your business be served up in this new and upcoming version of search?

It’s the whole picture really…

Solid website, Mentions in directories, Strong social media presence, ratings and reviews, How often we get Google to crawl your site, etc.

It is all these things that matter to what I have been calling for years…

“Your Web Presence.”

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