Why Google Wants HTTPS

December 22, 2016
Mike Dolpies

Just like back in early 2015 when Google’s “Mobilegeddon” was in full swing it is time to act.

If you don’t remember…

That was when Google…

  • Started warning smartphone web surfers if a site was not “mobile friendly.”
  • Began using “responsive web design” as a ranking factor for favorability in search.

Sure… not all business owners cared.

Many didn’t do a darn thing.

They just left their old clunker web presence alone.

Most-likely communicating apathy to a savvy potential prospect.

It’s all good.

A strong web presence is not for every small business (or large business for that matter.)

I like to use Berkshire Hathaway… Warren Buffet’s … company… as an example.https web hosting

The main headquarters of Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t do much online. Their main website looks like an old version of Craigslist.

Buffet simply reads newspapers, financial statements and makes deals all day. Then goes home for his nightly game of bridge online with Bill Gates. (Ahh… the life of a billionaire)

Just keep in mind… the companies Berkshire Hathaway owns… Dairy Queen, Gieco, Wells Fargo … and on and on all have solid web marketing in place.


Google’s new movement is now toward HTTPS protocol hosting.

Delivery of all web content through secure, encrypted and trusted servers. 

All in all – a step to makhttps web hosting for small businesse the web a safer place.

And just like Google rewarded small businesses that went with “responsive design”… they’ll be rewarding sites delivered over HTTPS.

I’m happy to say our hosting infrastructure is all ready for this big change.

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