The Google Plot to Take Over the World With Android

August 11, 2013
Mike Dolpies

A few years from now – I may (or may not) have an “I told you so”moment.”

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We’ll see.

But let’s have some fun while we discuss something pretty important.

And that’s…

Google’s dominance of the smartphone market.

In the U.S. smartphones are used by slightly more than half of all Americans.

Globally, Google has an amazing 79% of the entire smartphone market.

That means just about eight in ten smartphones run Google’s Android operating system.

Android is the software that powers numerous smartphones made by Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc.

History Lesson:

Let’s think back to the world of PC’s.

The operating system that still dominates…Microsoft Windows.

Now, here are some BIG differences and why history might repeat itself and how history really can’t repeat itself at the same time.

Microsoft was and always will be a software company.

During Microsoft’s heyday their business model was built around selling their software to hardware makers.

Dell, IBM and Sony hardware (just to name a few) were powered and continue to be powered with Microsoft software.

Big Differences…

Google’s Android mobile operating system is not for sale.

Google gives Android away to smartphone makers.

That’s why, even though Blackberry phones and the iPhone were first – Google’s Android currently reigns as the champ.

So why would Google give this operating system away?

After all…. From the 1980’s on Microsoft proved you can do pretty good selling software to power the electronics we all demand.

We demand smartphones now.

And because of this current and future demand Google’s play to not charge for Android is a winner.


Google is an advertising company.

Sure… they’ve got the nice Silicon Valley address.

They’re a “tech giant.”

They’ve got the best propeller heads in the world working there in Mountain View, CA.

All those Google products and great free services are supported with advertising.

Google makes billions with ads on their search network, their content network and tons of other places I won’t mention here.

Recently I discovered a new Google Adwords feature to target the Google Maps app.

Put this in perspective…

The big take-way

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the bridge that connects you (the business) with right Android users.

Google can monitor every step an Android user takes.

Google knows where Android users are and where they have been. It predicts where they’re going.

Google knows what they like.

All this data collection is meant to serve three constituents…

Google, The Users and The Advertiser (Your Business).

Everyone must win.

That’s why Google Adwords is “where it’s at.”

Google’s plot is to have the Android operating system infiltrate every aspect of life.

You’ve heard the rumors…

Android TV’s

“Smart Appliances.”

“Google Glass” (not a rumor anymore)

I’m not trying to get you worried.

To a savvy business owner – this is good news.

When it comes to Adwords – I’ve been learning and doing since 2007.

I’ve read countless books on the topics and have managed dozens of campaigns for myself and clients.

Our company is “Certified” for Adwords.

But I’m still learning.

As always, I’ll do my best to pass on ideas worth sharing.

In the mean time…

Android, Google & Adwords.

Something to think about!



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