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July 22, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Friday night my wife, Jamie had an “air travel challenge.”

Her flight from Fort Worth to Newark was limo search

That caused Jamie to miss her connecting flight from Newark to Manchester.

Since she travels with United a lot they were able to get her quickly on the next departing flight.

The problem…

That flight was heading to Boston and her X3 was parked in Manchester.

Honestly, I prefer a car service to the airport and not using the parking at all.

But the way her company works it – is – if the cost of a car service is less than the cost of parking for a few days – she can use the service – if not – she has to pay the $17/day to park.

So now she needs a reliable ride from Boston/Logan Airport to Manchester Airport.

Needing to power down her iPhone she sends me a quick text to “HELP” her get the ride she needs so she’s not stuck in Boston.

I call a Sedan/Limo service here in NH I know very well first.

Problem! They’re fully booked and can’t do it!

Now I’m a little nervous.

After all. This is sort of an emergency and now I have to find a “Un-Known” (to me) Sedan Service to solve this problem.

So what did I do?

Naturally I pulled up Google on my Galaxy S4 and spoke the magic words…

“Boston Logan Airport Sedan Service.”

It’s amazing how much more detailed a mobile search is when you use the voice feature.

Now here is the BIG take-away!

THIS is the future of search.

In fact this is THE FUTURE of Google.

The first three results are Google Adwords.

The very important “above the fold” of my mobile search is made up mostly of paid listings.

I took this screen-shot the next morning to show you.

Guess who won the $180 ride?

The lesson…

Mobile Search and Using Google Adwords as part of your marketing is key.

The problem I see is so many try Adwords and then quit.

It requires strategy.

It demands you understand Quality Score.

You have to know Google wants to charge you less.

You don’t win because you can bid higher.

You win when you’re the most relevant.

More info on winning Google Adwords strategies here…


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