The Future of Email Marketing

February 27, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Flipping through the App, “Flipboard.”

I flipped across an article about email marketing.


“The Future of Email Marketing.”

It was about this start up doing some cool stuff with email marketing. (I’ll get to that in a second.)


It made me think about how I started with email marketing way back in 2005.

How I got going with email marketing was simple…

I built my first website that was designed to collect leads. (It was so bad but it worked).

Those leads would opt-in to my “Aweber” form (that was the email marketing software I used at the time.)

I would get an email that I just got a lead.

And the software would send out some “auto-responders” that I had previously written.

They would go out at a pre-planned interval to each prospect.

Of course – I would call the prospect on the phone too.

The first software I used was developed in 1998. It is crazy to believe now that email marketing has been around for more than twenty years…. ESPECIALLY … when you’re me and you see so many small businesses just not doing it. (Redonkoulous)

Anyway… Back to my first go around with email marketing.

I eventually labeled that form of email marketing… “Passive.” 

Meaning… once the emails were programmed the work was over.

All fine and dandy – but it should be combined with “Active” email marketing which is when you cook emails fresh and send them out. (like this one).

As far as the “future” of email marketing.

One of the things this start up company is working on is to send emails to web visitors, app visitors and social media followers.

Makes sense.

Think about it…

Someone goes to your website and through the magic of targeting you end up being able to email them – even if they did not actually hand over their email to you.

Seems creepy – right? But if the data is there it can work.

Not much different than Google Ads and Facebook Ads where we can upload your email list and target them with Ads on Facebook and Google.

So many things to do.

Implementation is where most fall down.

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